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Who we are – and why...

The business of Treffo was started in the mid 1980's as a joint venture between several companies with a shared idea to build easy to use sales systems for personal computers. The company Treffo AB was founded in 1996 in order to create a trademark for the quotation systems. The business is still the same; several companies working together but joining forces under the hat of the Treffo trademark.

The Treffo way is to keep things small and simple. We believe that there is no project out there that need to be bigger than for one person to manage. These projects doesn't get merrier with more...

At Treffo we believe that progress is something to be achieved in small and controlled steps. Our systems are always built in increments where each step must be worth it's while.
This principle is applied also to the company and business itself. We grow slowly because we don't want to loose the contact with our current clients and keep focus on the past
and present projects.